Musiche epiche di forte impatto ispiratore

Devesh Sodha - Blade of Souls
 [Epic Heroic Music]

Mark Petrie - Eshara
 (Dark Massive Hybrid Action)

Audiomachine - Godspeed
 (Mark Petrie - Epic Choral Action)

Mark Petrie - Makalu 
[Epic Action Drama]

David Chappell - Dream Catchers

 (Epic Powerful Heroic Hybrid Drama)

Twelve Titans Music - Of Two Worlds
 [Epic Hybrid Orchestral]

Audiomachine - When It All Falls Down 

Twelve Titans Music - Artifice

Position Music - Refraction
 [Epic Music - Dramatic Emotional Powerful]

Trailer Music Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Theme Song) - Soundtrack Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Audiomachine - Sentient
 (Epic Modern Hybrid Orchestral)

Hi-Finesse - Endure
 (Epic Emotional Dramatic Trailer)

Position Music - Cosmic Ascension
 (Epic Modern Powerful Hybrid Orchestral)

Twelve Titans Music - Indestructible
 [Epic Music - Powerful Beautiful Orchestral]

Twelve Titans Music -

 Bound By Purpose

 (Epic Beautiful Emotional Trailer)

Twelve Titans Music - Path Of Light 

(Epic Choral Emotional Trailer)

Really Slow Motion - This Ends Now (Epic Dark Orchestral)

Really Slow Motion - Century (Epic Cinematic Hybrid Sci-fi)

Really Slow Motion - Galaxy Falling (Epic Powerful Cinematic Orchestral)

Two Steps From Hell - Unforgiven (Battlecry - Epic Battle Music)

Fringe Element - Eternal Fire (Epic Intense Emotional Trailer)

Fringe Element - Brave New World (Epic Cinematic Orchestral)

Dos Brains - Dragons' Den [Epic Music - Powerful Fantasy Female Vocal]

Fantasy Music - The Last of His Name

Really Slow Motion - Exile (Epic Choral Dramatic)

Revolt Production Music - Future Unknown (Epic Dark Hybrid Orchestral Action)

Trevor DeMaere - Among Our Dreams [Epic Music - Beautiful Emotional Orchestral]

Really Slow Motion - Antiproton (Epic Heroic Dramatic Orchestral)

Twelve Titans Music - Empty Spaces (Epic Intense Emotional Trailer)

DeVsoMusic - Light In The Sky | EPIC POWERFUL MUSIC

Position Music - Czar (Jo Blankenburg) | EPIC BATTLE MUSIC

David Eman - Ascension [Epic Music - Dramatic Emotional Orchestral]

Position Music - Catapult [2WEI - Epic Music - Wonder Woman Trailer Music]

Hi-Finesse - The Future Is Past

Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes - 

Planetary Collapse (Epic Heroic Dramatic Action)

Really Slow Motion - Revelation (Epic Beautiful Uplifting Orchestral)

Heliotrope Music - First Born (Epic nPowerful Choral Trailer)

Really Slow Motion - Epitaph (Sad EmotionalVocal)

Position Music - Setsuna


Zone Music - Inner Strength


Missing in Action - Resurrection


Revolt Production Music - A New Rising | EPIC HYBRID ORCHESTRAL

Stratos - Discovery (Epic Dramatic Uplifting Adventure)

Audiomachine - By the Hand of the Mortal (Epic Heroic Battle Action)

Heliotrope Music - Ascension

 (Epic Powerful Emotional Trailer)

Really Slow Motion - Evanescence 

Legacy (Epic Hybrid Dramatic)

Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes - Paladin (Epic Powerful Dramatic Orchestral)

Really Slow Motion - The Lost Island (Epic Intense Emotional)

Really Slow Motion & Epic North - Freya (Epic Choral Heroic)

Really Slow Motion - Dark Towers (Epic Powerful Dramatic)

Really Slow Motion - Damnation (Epic Powerful Heroic Dramatic)

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